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This post is intended for those who were at my presentation/workshop at the Language Show today.

Here are the slides from the session (you can click on the image or the link below)

Mike Language Show slides

I haven’t worked out how to embed sounds into PDF or PPT files online, so there are the following additional instructions/guides below (hopefully the sound effects should open up in your computer’s media player):

  • Slide 8 – this is the sound effect on this slide for eliciting vocabulary
  • Slide 9 – what is this sound effect? (My students guessed that it was rain, or someone having a shower!)
  • Slide 10 – this is the same sound effect as for Slide 8. Play the sound effect and ask your students to describe someone in the situation or write a dialogue/conversation (prizes for the most realistic or funny!)
  • Slide 11 – this is the audio of the poem video that the images come from. Click the following link to watch and listen to the poem:

Again, thank you very much for coming to the session, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.