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Dear readers,

This morning, music from the seasonal film, The Snowman, was playing as the students arrived. A topically melodious beginning to a lesson in which we would continue working through a version of the ‘theft of a snowman‘ lesson I’d prepared 2 years ago, I thought.

But, the first student, perhaps taking advantage of the fact that the others hadn’t yet arrived, made the following request…

Mike, please don’t pair me with [other student’s name].

She is not respectful…

My student then continued to tell me of how she had been met with ridicule from this other student at not being able to complete a task in a lesson earlier this week.

I happen to agree with her comment, in that this student is quite confrontational, easily riled, and very blunt which often translates as being quite rude.

Have you ever been met with a similar request due to differences between your students? Any advice on managing this would be greatly appreciated.


Challenged teacher of London