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I had a mini breakdown today.

I’m not writing this for sympathy or to rage against what made me lose it a bit this morning. I’m doing this more in the hope that putting fingers to the keyboard (or in this case, to iPhone screen) will help get this out of my system and into a bit of a better place mentally. Catharsis is good and all that.

What caused this moment wasn’t actually anything that big – to do with exam entries and students’ differing expectations about what they are or should be allowed to do in terms of exams. The problem kind of stems from a handful of students being allowed, at the beginning of the year, to move up to a higher level class when really they shouldn’t have. They had just one out of three exams to do, so they were allowed to move up. Cue lots of moments throughout this year so far of ‘Well, I’ve only got one/two exams to do now, can I move up too, Mike?’ and do you know what, they are not ready!

So I just couldn’t take it for about 20 minutes out of my morning class today. I walked out of the room. That’s not happened to me before. They also said that my classes had been too easy and a bit boring for them (though they said ‘I am boring in this lesson’).

So what to take from this? More structured lessons, more focus on writing and accuracy, less unpluggedness. Maybe less fun?

Thank heavens the Entry 1s were lovely this afternoon 🙂