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This weekend I’m at the TESOL Greece Annual Convention held in Athens.

The link below will allow you to access an interactive version of my poster, titled ‘Using sound to stimulate creativity: the why and the how’. It basically sums up all I know and have learnt over the past two to three years about sound and its effects on us. I have been presenting at conferences during that time, giving workshops suggesting how sound effects could be used in the language classroom as stimuli for creative work.

The poster can be accessed here:

NOTE – as the poster contains embedded video it is large at 96.9 MB. You may not want to download it if you are on a limited data plan for 3G or 4G and it might take a while even if you are on broadband or wifi.

The sound files for the activities described in my poster are also in the Dropbox folder linked above. They are smaller – the largest is 329 KB – so you should have no trouble downloading and using them. Alternatively, they can be accessed via the Sound Bank page above.

ALTERNATIVELY, if you have problems with the above Dropbox link due to the size, here is the print version uploaded:

Using sound to stimulate creativity print

And this is a link to a Dropbox folder that just contains the sound effects: