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Readers over the past few days may have noticed that I have been engaged with a form of blog challenge, a blogathon if you will, set by Tyson Seburn of 4C in ELT. The challenge? To write 5 ELT, or teaching related blog posts in 5 days.

I’m ending with, in my opinion, on rather a whimper as I’m not going to say anything new, and it’s probably something you already consider, even if you aren’t doing it actively.

The reason why I think experimenting with our practice, and reflecting on it, is so vital was summed up so powerfully by a quote shared by Cecilia Lemos in her talk at IATEFL last week, something like Confessions of a Former Recaster (Ceci can clear up the exact title).

Ceci ran an experiment, going against the method of oral correction she had been following slavishly before, and tried something different. She did so in a very well planned and controlled manner, keeping a control group going alongside the group she was experimenting with. She shared what she had done with her colleagues at ABA in Recife where she teaches. She shared with us a quote from one of her fellow teachers at the centre, who said of Cecilia’s experiment and the ideas it suggested…

It was like you gave us the biggest present

(paraphrasing slightly maybe)

So, doing an experiment and sharing what you do really is worthwhile. Not only will you definitely benefit (you’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t) but potentially others will as well.

This is what experimentation and the dissemination of such practice is all about. I have an idea developing, but I’m not revealing anything else very publicly at the moment. I just hope that some spark is lit and you’ll give experimental practice a go yourself.

You can read Tyson’s 5th post here: 5 words and Tamas Lorincz’s 5th here: My utopia