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Thanks to the inestimable Gavin Dudeney sharing it on Facebook, I have today been acquainted with the above mentioned ‘dullest blog in the world‘.

And it seems to be exactly that. The minutiae of the day to day life of the creator of this work, a Dave Walker, are captured in the form of mini blog posts. They’re generally written in the simple past, as narration of events that happen (‘Tidying some pencils’ and ‘Standing in the middle of a room’ being two examples of blogposts).


Seemingly unable to find my ‘off switch’ as a language teacher and thinking of ways to use this inside or outside the classroom, I came up with:

getting learners to demonstrate their understanding of the language by picking a blog post to illustrate
using them as a springboard for role plays or writing tasks
adapting them to more detailed versions
analysing some of the language to find useful collocations

Do you have any more ideas??

PS – I’m trying to keep up with a blog challenge set by Tyson Seburn of 4C in ELT to blog for 5 days consecutively
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