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I just randomly clicked on the TED-Ed link from a video I had been watching on the main TED site, and was interested to be directed straight to a page where it was possible to design a lesson plan and materials (commentary, comprehension questions and discussions) around a video from YouTube. A fairly quick registering process later, I was designing a lesson, for who I don’t really know, but it was interesting to do.

It was pretty easy, as the structure is fairly nice. However it is also quite rigid: there’s not much scope to do much outside the box, although I am saying that having just spent about 20-30 minutes working with TED’s application for this. A quick glance shows that there are many more ‘flipped videos / flipped lessons’ (as TED calls them).

This is what the dashboard looks like when you have created a flip:

ted ed flip

Pretty smooth, and here are the screen shots of the lesson as it looks when you go through it:

Tick Tock Screen Shots

You can see the flipped lesson here:

Note this is based on a lesson idea I wrote almost 2 years ago, which I blogged about here.