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I’ve been thinking recently about possible avenues to explore other than face-to-face classroom teaching, and am becoming more interested in experimenting with online teaching and training.

This is a short post to gauge interest in a short training course I’d like to plan focusing on the use of digital resources, in particular focusing on sound effects, in the teaching of English as a second or foreign language.

I’d like to be clear that this would be a training course about using digital resources, particularly sound effects, but possibly also images and video, in language teaching. It would not be a course in how to teach online.

I’d aim to make the course free and open to anyone interested to join in, although depending on interest I might have to limit the number of participants and/or run repeat courses.

I’d be very grateful to anyone who may be interested to complete a short survey, which you can find below.

I hope to be in a position to run the course, which will last for about a week or so, some time in July or August.

Note – if there are any problems with the embedded survey below, you can also access it at this link:


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