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I’ve just been having a tinker with a web app called Storify, which allows you to search for content posted on social media and other networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, et al), as well as that from other websites (you can search for almost any URL), and collate all that content into a kind of story through social media.

It’s not all that new now, and I’ve noticed the app being used more and more, both by those who inhabit social media and more conventional journalistic outlets (I’ve seen Storify relating to things reported in The Guardian paper, for example). I’ve seen it as a tool for sharing the news of uprisings such as those in Egypt (and not just from the revolution in 2011, but ongoing), to sounding out journalists for their (at times provocative and unreasonable) opinions (note – some offensive language is used in this Storify, if you are someone who is easily offended, you might not want to click on it)

So I thought I’d finally have a go and see what it was all about… Here is a Storify about IATEFL 2013 in Liverpool. It’s not very long…

[View the story “IATEFL Liverpool 2013” on Storify]