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I’m killing ten minute while waiting for the delayed flight back to London in Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport.

Normally, this sort of thing would make my blood boil. But…I’ve had such a fantastic couple of weeks, first in Łódź in Poland and now in Budapest in Hungary, that I’m finding it difficult to get annoyed.

I honestly admire and respect the wonderful work and humongous effort that the organisers of these two conferences, IATEFLs Poland and Hungary, have made in putting on such events. It’s something that I’ve come to learn a bit about through my work with NATECLA London and being part of the day conferences that we have put together. They may be smaller events than the ‘big’ IATEFL (as George Pickering dubbed the international association) and its annual conference (next on in Harrogate in April, don’t forget), but that doesn’t mean it’s an easier job.

In particular this weekend I’ve witnessed the amazing energy of, in particular, Nora Tartsay, Anna Csiky, Bea Price and Norbert Gálik, of IATEFL Hungary’s main and conference committee and online team. It’s a huge pleasure and honour to have been able to be in Budapest and be part of the event.

I’m still kind of coming to terms with the feelings of being in Hungary’s capital, having had a brilliant guided tour of the main sights by Mark Andrews on Friday and walking around the city last night. It is quite something to enjoy a glass of pálinka (a typical Hungarian spirit) listening to piano music in a cafe in a bookshop…at 9 in the evening!!

I’ll post something more complete when my brain has realigned (work tomorrow will be coming back to earth with a bump!!). In the meantime – a photo!