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pintI am writing this sitting outside a pub on a Friday afternoon, having just visited the location for a film shoot I’ve helped plan. It’s fair to say that this is a far cry from what I would have been doing had I remained in my previous job. I’d probably be sitting at a computer, trying to plan a scheme of work for students I haven’t yet met, for students we wouldn’t even be anywhere near having enrolled.

I sometimes wonder about the logic of that kind of planning, where content has to be mapped out in advance for a certain number of weeks and months. I understand the purpose – it gives us something that the different people teaching a group can work from. And yet, for a good number of years I’ve found it near impossible to plan that way – I’d always allocate myself loose topics like ‘what we all did at the weekend’ or ‘talking about music’.

This kind of course planning can be done, but when it’s for weeks and months in the future is verges on actually trying to predict the future (logical that eh?). ‘Well, that week we’ll do gerunds, because after that we’ll need to go over free time activities…’

Compare this with my job at the moment, and it seems completely different. Sure things are planned in advance, but it seems that most things fall into place just before they are due to happen.

And that’s ok.

That’s not to say that there doesn’t have to be lots of thought beforehand, or that we don’t have an idea in mind of where we’re going – of course we do. Consulting over scripts, researching shoot locations, making bookings, liaising with actors. All these have to be thought out. But these are also all ‘ongoing’ tasks.

I don’t know whether this fluid, ‘take things as they come ‘way of working is something that is just the way that I’m interpreting working on this project, but I am enjoying it.