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I set up this site as a place where I could share my experiences, teaching ideas and lesson plans with fellow teachers. I have learnt a great deal since I started reading other teaching professionals’ ELT-related blogs. I hope that you will be able to find something useful here. All views expressed on this site are my own, not those of any institution I work for.



I’m an English language teacher, trainer and materials writer currently based in South East London. My longest teaching experience was as a teacher of ESOL in a college of Further Education. I have also previously taught at a private language school in Pamplona, Spain. My main interests are using music and video in the classroom (which I do whenever I can), and more currently, integrating technology and web 2.0 into my teaching.

My teaching has developed a lot since I started blogging, and I have also begun to present workshops at conferences in Europe. Below is a list of the conferences and other ELT events that I have presented at, both individually and as part of a group (those marked with asterisks *). You can find articles I have written and things I have been involved with in the Media section.


  • * ‘ESOL Workshop’, British Council seminars, June 2010 (video)
  • * ‘Using digital resources with ESOL students’, NATECLA National Conference, Guildford, July 2010
  • * ‘Online CPD’, English UK Teachers Conference, London, November 2010 (video)
  • ‘Before words: ideas for using images and sound in the language classroom’, ISTEK Schools International ELT Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2011
  • * ‘Differentiated learning supported by technology’, ESOL SIG Pre-conference event, IATEFL Annual Conference, Brighton, April 2011
  • ‘Before words: ideas for using images and sounds in the classroom’, ETAS SIG Day, Zug, Switzerland, September 2011
  • ‘Before words: ideas for using images and sounds in the classroom’, TESOL France Annual Colloquium, Paris, France, November 2011
  • * ‘Differentiation for mixed level classes’, NATECLA Yorkshire and Humberside Training Day, Huddersfield, March 2012
  • ‘No words: ideas for using images and sound in class’, IATEFL Annual Conference, Glasgow, March 2012 (summary)
  • ‘Sound activities: finding, making and using sound effects in the language classroom’, NATECLA National Conference, Sheffield, July 2013
  • ‘Sound activities: finding, making and using SFX in the classroom’, IATEFL Poland, Lodz, September 2013
  • ‘Exploratory practice in ELT’, IATEFL Annual Conference, Liverpool, April 2013
  • ‘Exploring to learn: setting up experimental practice in ELT’, IATEFL Hungary, Budapest, October 2013
  • ‘Exploring experimental practice as professional development in ELT’, TESOL France, Paris, November 2013
  • ‘Exploring experimental practice as professional development’, NATECLA National Conference, Sheffield, June 2014
  • * ‘Writing for NATECLA publications’, NATECLA National Conference, Sheffield, June 2014
  • ‘Reading 2.0 – the shift to digital screen-based reading and its implications’, The 2nd International Loras Workshop, Zug, September 2014
  • ‘The future of reading is…’, IATEFL Hungary, Veszprém, October 2014
  • ‘Sounds good, looks good: short form video in ELT’, IATEFL Slovenia, Terme Topolšica, March 2015
  • ‘Sounds good, looks good: using short video clips in ELT’, IATEFL Annual Conference, Manchester, April 2015 (summary)
  • ‘Sound ideas for the language classroom’, ELTA Serbia Conference, Belgrade, May 2015
  • ‘Visual organisers: from framing your writing to framing your decisions’, 3rd TETA BiH Conference, Tuzla, June 2015
  • ‘Frames for teaching, thinking and reflecting’, NATESOL Conference, Salford, Greater Manchester, June 2015

Online presentations

  • ‘Getting some Facebook time with your peers’, 3rd Virtual Round Table Conference, October 2010 (video)
  • ‘Sound activities for the ELT classroom’, 5th Virtual Round Table Conference, April 2012 (video)
  • Sound effects webinar for BELTA, August 2013 (BELTA members can access the video here – note this takes you to a members’ only page)