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Sound Bank

This page is designed to support a poster presentation that I’m giving at the 34th TESOL Greece Annual Convention.

These are sound effects that I have collected that can be used in the classroom for activities that stimulate imagination and language production.

Click on each link and the sound should start playing via your computer, tablet or phone’s inbuilt web browser media player. Otherwise, you should be able to right-click or long touch on them to bring up your device’s download options.

Copyright notices:

All sounds have been recorded by myself, Mike Harrison. These are available for you to play, download and use for language teaching, as long as this is not for a direct profit (e.g. selling these sounds on a CD).

Sounds (NOTE – there are no names for these files as the activities require you to listen to them without any knowledge of what they might be)

Sound 1

Sound 2

Sound 3

Sound 4

Technical stuff:

All sounds recorded using an iPhone 5 and uploaded in mp4 audio only format (m4a)